Acrosonic3 color corrected
Acrosonic Refinished Spinet Side 2Acrosonic Refinished Spinet Side 3Acrosonic3 color corrected


Acrosonic Spinet *Refinished* White



Built in 1962

Height – 36″ Width – 60″ Depth – 24″

Product Description

Acrosonic Spinet *Refinished*

This Baldwin Acrosonic is, like most, an outstanding example of the potential a console piano could have. Most companies, with the exception of some wurlitzer spinets, never got quite as rich of a tone out of their spinets and consoles as Baldwin’s Acrosonics. Some teachers swear by them and we’ve seen them compete against taller console pianos often times winning hands down. It has a rich, full tone and is not at all too bright or shrilly. It has been extremely well taken care of. This piano with its compact size will surely make a nice addition the right home.


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