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Baldwin Upright in Mahogany *Restored* – SOLD


Built in 1915

Height – 53″ Width – 62″ Depth – 28″


Product Description

Baldwin Upright in Mahogany *Restored* – SOLD

Built in 1915 this piano was born at the peak of Baldwin piano production. As you can see by the brief history below, they had just won multiple awards from exposition showings. It has everything that Baldwin represents; sound, touch, and simple exterior architecture. For as big as the original Baldwin company was, we just do not see many(hardly any) Baldwin uprights from this period in history here on the west coast. Restored by a local veteran technician and refinished by us, this piano is ready to be enjoyed for another 100 years. It has been simply a pleasure to work with it, play it, and just have it here in our store.

What the Baldwin Company was like during production of this piano:

From Wikipedia:<.strong>The Baldwin company traces its origins back to 1857, when Dwight Hamilton Baldwin began teaching piano, organ, and violin in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1862, Baldwin started a Decker Brothers piano dealership and, in 1866, hired Lucien Wulsin as a clerk. Wulsin became a partner in the dealership, by then known as D.H. Baldwin & Company, in 1873, and, under his leadership, the Baldwin Company became the largest piano dealer in the Midwestern United States by the 1890s.

In 1889–1890, Baldwin vowed to build “the best piano that could be built”[3] and subsequently formed two production companies: Hamilton Organ, which built reed organs, and the Baldwin Piano Company, which made pianos. The company’s first piano, an upright, began selling in 1891. The company introduced its first grand piano in 1895.

Baldwin died in 1899 and left the Vast majority of his estate to fund missionary causes. Wulsin ultimately purchased Baldwin’s estate and continued the company’s shift from retail to manufacturing. The company won its first major award in 1900, when their model 112 won the Grand Prix at the Exposition Universelle in Paris, the first American manufactured piano to win such an award. Baldwin-manufactured pianos also won top awards at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition and the 1914 Anglo-American Exposition. By 1913, business had become brisk, with Baldwin exporting to thirty-two countries in addition to having retailers throughout the United States.


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