Clarendon Upright in Black Walnut – Restored



Height = 51″ Width = 62 1/2″ Depth = 28″

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Clarendon Upright in Black Walnut – Restored

The Clarendon Piano Company was established in 1901 in Rockford IL.  The Haddorff Piano Company manufactured the pianos under the Clarendon label until about 1960.

The Clarendon Piano Company was known to produce quality pianos using skilled workmanship.  Once we took a listen to its beautiful tone and singing quality, we knew it was worth restoring!  This piano in a classic streamlined cabinet with refinished Black Walnut exterior is truly a sight to behold and listen.  It boasts a new dynamic action, mahogany molded hammers and has been restrung so that it would be able to sing for many more years. Come in to try this vintage beauty that has been restored to last another lifetime!




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