Erard upright piano


Height : 45″  Width: 59″  Depth: 24″

Built in 1820

Product Description

Erard upright piano

This rare beauty was a fantastic find for us!  Very rarely do we come across a piano with such exquisite detailing and beautiful features.  This is a very unique period piece constructed using the best quality material with workmanship that was renowned in that time by a talented piano builder that was commissioned to build two pianos for the French royal court of Marie Antoinette. This Erard piano was constructed in the early 1800’s to mid 1800’s.  According to the Pierce piano atlas, the serial number refers to the date of construction as 1820.

Here is a little history of the origin of the Erard piano company and this piano.  Sebastian Erard, founder of the company, was born in Strasborg, Germany in 1752 , and at the young age of 16 moved to Paris to put to work his aptitude for mechanical and constructive prowess.  He built his first piano in 1777 and 15 years later relocated to London to escape the French Revolution. In London, he established his first piano factory.   Erard returned to Paris in 1796 to open a French piano factory in addition to the English factory he established while in residence in London.  With his vast knowledge of piano building and skill he continuously worked on the improvement of the design and building of the piano-forte.  He has been credited with inventing many designs that are still used in manufacturing of pianos today.

Erard pianos were known as the finest pianos in the world boasting elaborate detailing and beautiful veneer.    This very rare upright is no exception.  As they say: a picture is worth a thousand words.  Take a look at the pictures of this recently refinished and restrung piano with original action.  From it’s spiral legs to its elaborate case with the intricate detailing, it is truly a work of art.  Come in to our shop to take a closer look at this beautiful period piece to see the delicate detailing and perhaps become the proud owner of a musical artwork in the guise of a piano that not only looks beautiful but will give you a sound that is reminiscent of the era of Mendelssohn or Liszt.

Please come in to see this remarkable piano in person and to try it out.  This is an consignment piano and the seller is open to offers.  Purchase includes free local delivery, matching bench and the first tuning is free.




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