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Hallet, Davis & Co.  UprightHallet, Davis & Co.  Upright detailHallet, Davis & Co.  Upright frHallet, Davis & Co.  Upright fr detailHallet, Davis & Co.  Upright Fr center detailHallet, Davis & Co.  Upright fr1Hallet, Davis & Co.  Upright ClosedHallet.Davis-Upright-2-toneHallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-action-birdseye-mapleHallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-agraffe-bridgeHallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-Bottom-panelHallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-botton-trimHallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-carvingHallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-carving1Hallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-carving2Hallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-carving3Hallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-carvingsHallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-carvings1Hallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-carvings2Hallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-carvings3Hallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-ClosedHallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-double-agraffesHallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-FallboardHallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-frontHallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-front-panelHallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-left-cornerHallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-left-corner-1Hallet.Davis-Upright-2-tone-with-flash


Hallet.Davis & Co. Upright (Sold)


Built circa 1881/82


Width – 70 1/2” Height – 59 1/2” Depth – 28”

Product Description

Hallet.Davis & Co. Upright


This piano has been rebuilt! Please enjoy browsing through the before and after pictures. We were all very excited to rebuild this beauty and it did not let us down. Truly an amazing piano. Gorgeous and rich.

A little history on Hallet.Davis & Co. :

Originally established as Brown & Hallet in 1833, their factory was located in Boston, MA. Brown, who retired in 1843, was replaced by George H. Davis. When Davis retired in 1847, Hallet joined with and formed Hallet, Cumston, & Allen. Allen resigned from the co. and formed Brown & Allen in about 1850. With Allen gone, Hallet & Cumston formed a partnership, building pianos under both the “Hallet & Davis” and the “Hallet & Cumston” names. In roughly 1879 the Hallet & Cumston name was dropped and the Hallet.Davis & Co. name was adopted.

Hallet.Davis & Co. built extremely high end, expensive instruments, especially during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The piano shown below is a perfect example of this. After the Great Depression, Hallet.Davis & Co. became part of the large Aeolian American Corporation. The Hallet.Davis & Co. name was built by Aeolian until the 1980s era. Currently, the Hallet.Davis & Co. is a stencil piano, just a name applied to Asian import pianos.

Simply put, this piano is amazing! Out of all the pianos that we get in our shop, there are few that compare in craftsmanship to this one. Of course there is the Weber upright in Rosewood listed below. But truth be told there are very few pianos still floating around that have this level of workmanship in woodworking and as an instrument that this one does. Besides the gorgeous cabinet, this piano has its own unique style style of action(inner working parts) and construction. The patent agraffe bridge is an extremely expensive and great idea for a piano. First of all an agraffe is basically a guide at the tuning pin end of the string which the string passes through ensuring proper height and a solid termination of the string often providing a better resonance from the string. This piano has an agraffe at the tuning pin end as well as on the bridge ensuring proper termination of the speaking part of the string on both ends and a solid transmittance of sound from the agraffe to the bridge to the soundboard to your ear. Fantastic! Real Ivory keytops, structurally excellent condition, top quality, old growth woods, etc., this piano has all the right factors for rebuilding.


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