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Hornung and Moller Baby Grand #39177

The Hornung & Moller piano company was established in 1827 by prominent Danish piano maker C.C. Hornung who was among the first piano makers to build pianos with a cast iron frame.  Honrnung, a talented and creative entrepreneur began as a hat maker, only to find his calling in piano building after a visit to Germany. Upon completion of his piano building studies in Germany, he returned to Denmark to produce his first piano in 1827 in his shop in Skaelskor.  The company eventually settled in Denmark’s capitol of  Copenhagen in 1842.  The esteemed piano builder was sought out by the Royal Danish Family to build pianos and was subsequently given the designation “by appointment of the Royal Danish Court” in 1843. Later in 1851, Hans Peter Moller, an employee, took over the company to establish it as the Hornung & Moller Piano Company.  The company was one of the few Scandinavian piano companies to produce fine pianos by skilled and experienced craftsman.  It was over a century and a half of producing quality pianos before closing in 1972.   Today, Hornung & Moller pianos are found all over Denmark.  We are lucky to have found this high-end Baby Grand having traveled all the way from Copenhagen!



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