Howard BG
Howard BGHoward BG


Howard by Baldwin Baby Grand



Circa mid 1990’s to mid 2000’s

Length- 4’10”  Width- 4’10”


Product Description

Howard by Baldwin 4’10” Grand Piano

This American made baby grand was made by Baldwin. It is simply the perfect size for most bay area homes. And being not too large, it does not have so much volume that you cannot stand to listen to it within the confines of a normal room. But instead it has a sweet, warm tone that was designed for a home.  If you always wanted a Grand Piano but was concerned about space, take a look at this Baby Grand that would fit most space conscious homes.  We include a Free delivery to any bay area location, the 1st tuning in the home, warranty, matching bench, and always 100% credit towards upgrades with us anytime later.


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