Kawai GL30-ATX2 Hybrid Grand Piano

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The GL-30 ATX2 AnyTime Hybrid Grand Piano combines the award-winning performance of our GL Series Grand Pianos with the power and versatility of a digital instrument. Equipped with an acoustic muting feature for silent playing and advanced digital piano features, the GL-30 ATX2 offers unmatched flexibility for those who need the touch of a fine grand piano and the ability to play and practice anytime of the day or night.

The GL-30 ATX2 AnyTime Hybrid Grand Piano is the perfect piano for times when a player needs the touch of a fine piano without the tone. When the baby is sleeping, children are studying, people are sharing the room, or neighbors need quiet, you need an instrument that offers the natural touch of an acoustic piano, but sound that only you can hear. The GL-30 ATX2 has all the musical features found on our awarding-winning GL Series grand pianos known for their outstanding touch and tone. But activate the “Anytime Mode” (acoustic muting feature) and it becomes a full-featured digital piano that lets you enjoy the sound of our 9-foot concert grand through the privacy of headphones. Plus, you can enjoy other powerful features including other piano sounds, an internal recorder, USB Audio, Split and Layer Modes, and MIDI ports that allow you to connect to a computer for composing and scoring options. In one instrument, you have the best the acoustic and digital worlds have to offer. Discover the GL-30 ATX2, a grand piano you can play anytime without disturbing anyone.

Kawai GL30-ATX2 Hybrid Grand Piano Dimensions
Kawai GL30-ATX2 Hybrid Grand Piano Dimensions
Special Features
  • 5’5″ GL-30 Grand Piano
  • Digital sound that can be heard through the award-winning Soundboard Speaker System or privately through headphones
  • Harmonic Imaging XL Sound Technology / 88-Key Piano Sampling
  • 27 Digital Sounds: 9 Pianos, 3 Electric Pianos, 2 Organs, and more
  • Digital Features: 256-Note Polyphony, Virtual Technician, Metronome, Dual-Sound Layering, Drum Rhythms, 23 Customizable Effects, Two-Track USB Recorder (MP3 and WAV)


  •  Length: 5’5″ (166 cm)
  •  Width: 59″ (150 cm)
  •  Height: 40″ (102 cm)
  •  Weight: 688 lbs. (312 kg)


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