Kawai UST-9


Height – 46″ Width – 60″ Depth – 24″


Built in 2015

Product Description

Kawai UST-9 Institutional Studio Piano

*This (recently traded in for a grand) piano was purchased new in 2015 and has 8 years of the factory warranty still available.

With its unmatched combination of durable construction and exceptional playability, the UST-9 outperforms every instrument in its class. Our master craftsmen designed it to exceed the most demanding institutional requirements. But the UST-9 goes far beyond every standard by offering the world’s most advanced upright piano action and design enhancements that set it apart from any other institutional piano. Experience the UST-9 and see why it is the ultimate blend of performance and durability.

Main Features:

Millennium III Action™ with Carbon Fiber
Sturdy Back Assembly for Stability
Angled Music Rack for Support
Reinforced Bench for Durability
Double Wheel Casters
Lid and Fallboard Locks


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Action > Millennium III with ABS-Carbon
Height > 46″ (117.5 cm)
Width > 59″ (149.5 cm)
Depth > 25″ (58.4 cm)
Weight > 477 lbs. (216 kg)
#1 String > 45″
Soundboard > Solid Spruce
Area > 2062 sq. in.
Ribs > 9
Hammers > Underfelted
Center Pedal > Bass Sustain
Casters > Double Wheel
Locks > Lid and Fallboard
Finishes > Oak Satin, Walnut Satin, Cherry Satin, Ebony Satin