Kranich & Bach Upright in Walnut Burl


Built in 1895-1899

Width – 59” Height – 53 1/2” Depth – 26”

Product Description

Kranich & Bach Upright in Walnut Burl

This particular Kranich & Bach upright has been kept up quite well over the years and shows off a gorgeous grain of what we think is walnut burl wood. The detailed carvings on the sides and the outlay details on the front really make this piano a pleasure to look at. And the rotating music desk is a very unique option to find on any piano. Take a look at the video to see how it functions. The ivory keys are still original and in excellent shape, which is a rarity. And structurally it is very sound. Also another plus of this piano is its size. It is basically the size of most modern pianos.

This piano as is plays alright. It still has a rich tone and a big bass, but even though it is still in working shape, we’d recommend a rebuild. In order to make this piano play, sound, and look as good as it could, it would need restoration. So it awaits the right person(s) to revive it. Feel free to call or email with any questions or for more pictures.

Full restoration usually takes 2 months and we require at least a 1/3 of the balance as a non refundable, but transferable deposit. If for any means you are not completely satisfied with this piano during or after the restoration process, you can transfer your deposit to any other piano of similar cost. Please contact us via the link below for more details on the restoration of this piano.

A little on the Kranich & Bach Piano Company

Established in 1864 in New York, Kranich & Bach were known for building extremely well made, high end pianos. They were one of the most innovative piano manufacturers in the US. They were known specifically for their use of exotic woods and extremely ornate piano cabinets. They were also known for their superior tone quality and construction. By 1891, Kranich & Bach claimed to have built and sold as many as 25,000 pianos. Throughout the 19th & 20th Centuries, Kranich & Bach was awarded many patents, many of which are considered well ahead of their time today. Eventually, just like so many other American piano companies, Kranich & Bach was taken over by the Aeolian-American Corporation, and they continued to build Kranich & Bach pianos until the 1980s. Antique Kranich & Bach pianos are unique, and overall are some of the finest pianos ever built.

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