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Mason & Hamlin A Grand Piano (SOLD)



Built in 1965

Length – 5’8 1/2″

Product Description

Mason & Hamlin A (SOLD)

The Model A piano that is made by Mason & Hamlin is the grand piano for people with limited space. It is a baby grand with the dimensions needed to fit into anyone’s home with ease. Made with the professional in mind, the Model A Piano is perfect for any purpose – whether it is instruction or personal use. Due to new innovations in piano design and construction, the tone of this piano is very close to the depth that you find on larger grand pianos. Nothing is lost because of the size. It is perfect for homes, conservatories and musical institutions. It is due to the innovations of today that such rich sound can come from a small piano. With dimensions of 5ft 8 ½ in in length and a width of 56.12 inches, this piano is of small stature no doubt but it is made of a hard rock maple – so it will last for generations. The grace and beauty of the piano are just the beginning.


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