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Mason & Hamlin Console



Built in 1976

Width – 58 1/4″ Height – 41 1/2″ Depth – 23 1/4″


Product Description

Mason & Hamlin Console

This is an excellent piano. Made here in the U.S., Mason & Hamlin still used quality woods and parts to produce pianos of similar quality to Steinway & Sons. This one has a big, rich American tone to it. And even though it is only a console piano in statue it does sound much, much fuller than its competition. Especially in the bass section, you can hear clarity and body to the tone. This piano has hardly been used throughout its life. It is just waiting here for the right family to put it to good use. And for the person or family looking for a top end piano like a Steinway & Sons, but is not ready or able to make the substantial investment that a Steinway & Sons takes, this piano is a excellent, first quality alternative.


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