Miki 48″ Upright Piano in Polished Ebony



Height – 49 3/4″ Width – 59 1/2″ Depth – 24″


Product Description

MIKI 48″ Upright Piano in Polished Ebony

We recently acquired these great 48″ pianos. They sound and play just like a Yamahas because they are in fact made by Yamaha with Yamaha actions! We have sold many of these fine instruments to studios and artists around the area. The MIKIs are popular because they come with all the things you’d expect from a manufacturer as well known as Yamaha, just without the price tag to match it. Compare this model with Yamaha U1’s over $1000 more and you will also see why so many others have chosen the MIKI.

“Grey Market” Yamaha pianos

We do like to carry Yamaha pianos made and once sold in Japan. We have had only excellent experiences with them as well. We import not only Yamahas, but also Yamaha made pianos like Eterna. Also we import Kawai, and their other names like Diapason, and many more. If there was ever a problem with any of these pianos like The Yamaha Corp., likes to claim that there is, we would have stopped importing these fine instruments years ago. But instead Yamaha and their dealers like to distort the truth, because when it comes down to it, the biggest competition to Yamaha’s new piano sales is not just Kawai, but their own used pianos.

Kawai has no problem with their used pianos made and once sold in Japan being sold in our shop along side with their own new pianos. They are confident in their new pianos, and we are too. The truth is these pianos (Yamaha, Kawai and their subsidiaries) are all made in air conditioned factories that set up each piano to withstand the extremes in climate from the dryness of the Arizona desert to the humidity of a New York summer. And being here in California, more specifically in the San Francisco bay area, we do not get much in the way of weather extremes. But still we encourage you to venture out on your own and research for yourself about what a grey market piano is. One place that everyone can start and is probably the most trusted of sources is “The Piano Book” by Larry Fine. Also there are plenty of websites as well. The bottom line is that we are completely confident in ANY piano that we sell.


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