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Seiler “custom” GS116N (SOLD)

$11,995.00 $7,295.00


H- 46.5″ W-58″ D-22″


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Product Description

Every genuine Seiler piano embodies the know-how and experience of four generations of the highly developed art of piano making. Since 1849, the goal has been to achieve perfection. Seiler grand and upright pianos are far more than just top quality instruments. They are all unique and masterly works of art. As a result, Seiler has earned its worldwide reputation as being the industry benchmark through its impeccable craftsmanship, quality, and precision.

This Seiler Upright is custom made with beautiful environmentally friendly Birdseye Maple wood with a Bubinga appearance.  You will be astounded at the beauty of this piano as well as the luxurious sound that emanates from it when played.   It will be a wonderful addition to a music loving home!


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