Sohmer Spinet in Vintage Grey #2596 (Refinished)



Height = 38″ Width = 58″ Depth = 24 1/2″

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Sohmer Spinet in Vintage Grey (Refinished)

The Sohmer Piano Company built some of the finest pianos in American history. Sohmer was one of the largest and most prestigious piano makers of the 19th and early 20th Centuries, and they offered a full line of squares, grands, uprights, and player pianos. Sohmer was known for their use of elaborate woods and had a reputation for exquisite craftsmanship. Sohmer is one of only a handful of American piano manufacturers to survive and keep the company in the family throughout the 20th Century.

We are extremely happy to come across this handsome piano.  We have refinished it in a trendy vintage grey that will match any decor whether an rustic cottage-like setting or a more modern one. Although it is only 38 inches tall it plays with a lush and rich sound that can only be found in the more well made American pianos. Come try this out next to some of our other pianos and you too will find it is special in a way. Deep bass, balanced treble and a good tight feel.



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