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Steinway Console #324775



Built in 1948

Height – 42″ Width – 58″ Depth – 23″

Product Description

Many pre-owned Steinway pianos have wonderful musical and aesthetic character and can be an excellent value for a discerning piano buyer. Properly maintained, and due to the quality of materials used in this particular piano, it will last for decades to come while providing musical enjoyment to many. It is extremely rare to find these gems. This piano shares the classic elegant look of most Steinway pianos with classic lines and beautiful ivory keys, and as usual competes well with taller pianos sound wise.  It has a robust bass tone and a clear treble register.  For an additional fee, we can refinished the cabinet to restore it’s original luster. It is not often you see a Steinway at this incredible price!   This piano will make a great addition to a music loving home.

Steinway Louis XIV Console Video


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