Steinway Upright in Rosewood


Built in 1878

Height : 57″, Width: 62″, Depth: 30 1/4″

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Product Description

Steinway Upright in Rosewood

Many used Steinway pianos have wonderful musical and aesthetic character and can be an excellent value for a discerning piano buyer. When properly maintained, a used Steinway piano will last for decades and provide musical enjoyment to many.

This piano has been partially restored with it’s cabinet probably refinished once during it’s lifetime as can be seen with it’s luxuriously beautiful rosewood sheen.

Steinway is well-known for their strict use of the highest quality woods and their adherence to allowing only the best pianos to exit their facilities. Some of their grand pianos take a full year to finish and they take no less care with every single piano. Visit our store to experience the playability and rich tone of this top quality American made upright.


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