Vose & Sons Shabby Chic Console



Built in 1982

Height – 41″ Width – 57″ Depth – 24″

Product Description

Vose & Sons Shabby Chic Console

This refinished console in baby blue would be great for a starting or intermediate student. It’s not too often that a piano in this delightful color scheme is seen.  Unique two toned colors of Baby blue and Vintage Grey make for an interesting design and it’s size would fit nicely into a home.  This charming piano will not only add style to a home but also provide years of musical enjoyment.  Having a serviced, real piano action to play on in the beginning of a pianists career teaches him/her how to play correctly and without forming “bad habits” in their technique. This piano will cost less than any quality, entry level keyboard, and will not lose value like a keyboard will. As long as a piano is kept serviced it’ll hold it’s value for years to come.


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