Yamaha M402 Front 1
Yamaha M402 Front 1


Yamaha M402 Console



Built in 1991

Height – 43″ Width – 60″ Depth – 24″

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Product Description

Yamaha M402 Console

The Yamaha M402 piano combines the quality of an institutional piano with a beautiful oak cabinet that will complement your living room. Built right here in the U.S.A., this used Yamaha console piano is blessed with sturdy construction that will keep it in excellent playing condition for decades. Of course that wouldn’t mean much if it didn’t also feature a full, rich tone and precise key action that will accommodate musicians of any skill level. And thanks to the thoughtful addition of a mute pedal, you can practice on the Yamaha M402 at low volume, so no matter when inspiration strikes, this piano is standing by to help you succeed!


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