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Yamaha P2 in Light Oak #461184



Built in 1965

Height – 45″  Width : 59″ Depth – 24″

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Yamaha P2 in Light Oak  #461184

The Yamaha P2 is a sleek Eurostyle Studio Piano often chosen by experienced pianists for both home and professional use.

This piano has excellent tone, good looks, strong, durable build. Designed for schools and rehearsal areas, these studio pianos are often chosen by experienced players for both home and professional use. The size is perfect for a well balanced tone in either situation. Here at D.C. Piano Co., we are believers that bigger isn’t necessarily better, but instead tone and feel should come first. This piano has been fully serviced and tuned in our shop.

Purchase includes free local delivery, matching bench, and the first in-home tuning is free.


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