Baldwin Model SA Grand Piano in Satin Black – RARE!!!



Built in 1963

Length 5’2″

In stock


Baldwin Model SA Grand Piano in Satin Black

The Baldwin Piano & Organ Co. established in 1862 is one of Americas most famous piano manufacturers. Known for their top quality instruments, the company was already world famous by the turn of the 20th century.

This rare mid-century style Baldwin SA Grand measuring only 5′ 2″ in length is an ideal size to fit into most homes around our area.  Just take a look at the sleek style of the cabinet and legs, not something found in most grands which epitomizes the mid -century style of clean lines with a mixture of both organic and geometric shapes.  This beautiful piano would  complement perfectly a mid -century built home.  Add to that, the warm robust tones and the characteristic big, Baldwin sound of this well built and well maintained Grand to make it truly a rare treasure to behold.     If you’re looking for an incredible, high quality piano at an affordable price. This is it!


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