Baldwin R 5’8″ Grand Piano in Teak



Built in 1964

Length: 5’8″





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Baldwin R 5’8″ Grand Piano in Teak

This piano is a rare treasure indeed!  This is a Baldwin R and one of the top of the line Baldwin grand pianos. This is an extremely rare Teak mid-century modern Baldwin Grand.  It measures 5′ 8″ in length which is an ideal size to fit into most homes around our area. This piano is in original condition. And even for its age does not show a lot of usage. This is rare. But lots of tone, that big, Baldwin sound, and top quality woods are not rare for this piano. This piano has a beautiful teak finish that has been well taken care.  Come in to try this great piano to see for yourself how great it looks and sounds!

The Baldwin Piano & Organ Co. established in 1862 is one of Americas most famous piano manufacturers. Known for their top quality instruments, the company was already world famous by the turn of the 20th century.

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Weight 850 lbs
Dimensions 68 × 59 × 42 in

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