Chickering “Cocked Hat” Grand



Built in 1895

Length – 6’4″




Chickering “Cocked Hat” Grand

Take a look at this amazing rare “Cocked Hat” grand piano manufactured by the venerable Chickering & Sons, the first piano manufacturer in America.   Known for building superior quality pianos since the 1830’s , Chickering & Sons originally established in Boston during the early 19th century , designed the unusual “Cocked Hat” grand which is a hybrid of a square grand and the conventional grand.  This firm excelled in building well constructed pianos using the skills of the finest craftsman in the piano industry at that time.  Known for innovative designs, one of the most unusual grands was named  the “Cocked Hat” Grand.   Some believed it’s name originated due to it’s appearance of a hat cocked back on someone’s head.   Among the theories for the shape of this type of grand is so it would fit into the tight living areas common during that era.  Instead of being strung from front to back as in a standard grand piano , Cocked Hat Pianos have the strings diagonally fanned out in an unusual angle. With that design, longer strings in a smaller body grand could be used resulting in a more resonant sound than found in similar size grands.  Another theory is it would enable the audience to view the piano player’s hands more so than with a standard shaped grand.  Not many “Cocked Hats” were built which make it a rare find indeed.   The rarity of it’s existence and it’s magnificent design accounts for the fact that these special pianos are on display in museums throughout the world.   Now is the chance to not only see and play one in person instead of visiting a museum but also possibly owning one!

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