Fischer *Awaiting Restoration* #224008


 The J & C Fischer Piano Company began in the 1830’s by Robert Nunns partnered with brothers John & Charles Fischer.  That early partnership of the Nunns & Fischer dissolved in 1840, when the Fischer Brothers left to establish their own piano manufacturing company in New York City.  The firm became the largest and most prolific of piano builders of the 19th and 20th century.  They reached their milestone in 1896 with the production of their 100,000th piano.  J & C Fischer was known industry wide for building pianos with expertise using top quality material.After the Great Depression the J & C Fischer company was taken ofer by The Aeolian-American Piano Corporation and ultimately Wurlitzer in 1985.  Presently, J & C Fischer pianos are still seen and played in many showrooms and homes.


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