Gildemeester & Kroeger Grand Piano **Awaiting Restoration**


Built in 1905



Gildemeester & Kroeger Grand Piano

The Gildemeester & Kroeger Piano Company was established in New York during the late 1900’s in New York.  Henry Kroeger, born in Germany, began his piano building career as an apprentice for a German piano maker. After acquiring great skill and knowledge in the building of pianos, he made his way to Conneticut in 1852, eventually settling in New York City in 1855 to work as a designer and builder at Steinway & Sons.  In 1880, Kroeger left Steinway to form his own firm with first one son, Henry Kroeger Jr., and ultimately establishing Kroeger & Sons when his second son, Otto joined the company. In 1890, Henry Kroeger and Sons entered into partnership with P.J. Gildemeester to form “Gildemeester & Kroeger.

Come see us about what we can do to return this wonderful piano to it’s former glory.


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