Henry F. Miller Upright *Awaiting Restoration*


Henry F Miller Upright

The Henry F. Miller Piano company dates back to 1863 Massachusetts.  Henry F. Miller, Sr., founder of the company was an experienced and established musician and organist with a long background in piano manufacturing that began when he was 19 years of age.  Henry Miller presided over the company until 1884 when his four sons took over the reins of this highly esteemed company known for manufacturing pianos to the highest standard of piano building.  During the 20th century, many artists, musicians and teachers have played and coveted the Henry Miller pianos for performance and study.

Restoration of this piano would return this piano to a different age with a beautiful finish to showcase it’s artistic case design along with the restoration of the rich deep tone that this piano brand is known.  Please inquire for more details concerning the restoration process.

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