J. & C. Fischer Upright in Tiger Oak



Built in 1905

Dimensions:   H: 53″, W: 63, D: 28 1/4


J. & C. Fischer Upright in Tiger Oak

A little on the J. & C. Fischer Company:

The J. & C. Fischer Piano Company was established in 1840 by two brothers, John and Charles Fischer. Based out of New York they were one of the biggest and most successful piano manufacturers in American history. In 1896 the J & C Fischer celebrated the making of their 100,000th piano and around the turn of the century, they were making roughly 5,000 pianos annually. They were eventually taken over by the American Piano Co. and then by the Aeolian-American Co. in 1932. The Fischer name was sold off to various other companies over the years, and in the end even though the piano was not up to the standards of the original company, the Fischer name ended up being produced for over 175 years.

This piano has an semi ornate cabinet in tiger oak with simple lines and delicate floral carvings.  The majority of the ivory key tops are in excellent condition and are easily whitened up and polished. Fischer pianos are consistently excellent quality instruments. We’re always happy to find a Fischer made by the original company because they constantly sound great when in well – maintained condition.   It’s a beauty sure to bring wonderful music to a home!

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