Kawai Console in Walnut #364335



Built in 1968

Height – 41.5″ Width – 57.5″ Depth – 24″


These types of consoles make good starter to intermediate pianos. They are affordable to purchase, easy to maintain and will satisfy the needs of most beginning to intermediate pianists. They do not take up much space in the home and certainly do not stick out. Having a serviced, real piano action to play on in the beginning of a pianists career teaches him/her how to play correctly and without forming “bad habits” in their technique. This piano will cost less than any quality, entry level keyboard, and will not lose value like a keyboard will. As long as a piano is kept serviced it’ll hold it’s value for years to come.
The Kawai action is designed and balanced for control. Increased resistance on the down-stroke gives the player the ability to reach whisper-soft pianissimo playing. A faster return may give advanced players an edge for trills and passages that require quickly executed repetitive notes. The lower-tension design of the Kawai emphasizes depth of tone. This makes bass notes deeper and treble notes softer. Pianists who enjoy this type of tone find they can produce a very lyrical, intimate sound with a Kawai.

This piano is definitely a step up from many of the competing consoles in it’s time. It is very well voiced and the playability is very even. The size is perfect for a smaller home and would be a great for a beginner or intermediate level player.


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