Kawai GE20 Grand in Polished Ebony



Built in 2005

Length – 5’1″


Kawai GE-20 Grand in Polished Ebony

This beautiful piano is more or less equivalent to the modern Kawai GL 10. In its size class, it is our favorite pre-owned grand in the store today. Not just because it is a Kawai piano made in Japan, but because it is rich and full of tone. Not too bright and by no means glassy sounding. But just like other Kawai pianos, it has a darker, warmer tone that brings a joy to your heart when you play it. Lots of dynamic control with the sensitivity of its touch, and a fullbodied tone that if you closed your eyes you’d think it was from a much bigger piano. A wonderful instrument for a space conscious home or studio without the large price tag.


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