KAWAI K-5 Professional Upright in High Polished Ebony



H: 49″ W: 59 1/2″ D: 23″

Built in 2013


Kawai K-5 Professional Upright in High Polished Ebony

The 49” Kawai K-5 has long been a preferred instrument among teachers for its warm, rich tone and responsiveness.  The 49″ K-5 Professional Upright was a popular choice among institutions and pianists who desired the richer, deeper tonality of a taller upright piano.   Exclusive NEOTEX™ Key Surfaces absorb the hand’s moisture to provide a sure, steady touch—while the exclusive Millennium III Upright Action offers unparalleled control and greater speed than pianos with traditional wooden actions.  The K-5 was replaced by the K-500 when the K Series line was redesigned in 2014.  Try the K-5 and see why it has become a favorite among educators worldwide.

This is a like new Kawai K5 just a few years old in terrific shape.  Available at a fraction of the cost of what a new similar model Kawai piano is priced.  Beautifully taken care of and serviced,  it’s difficult to tell this piano apart from a brand new one.  Purchase includes free local delivery, matching bench and the first in-home tuning is no charge.





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