Mason & Hamlin Upright *Awaiting Restoration*


Built in 1883




 The Mason & Hamlin piano company was formed in 1854 by Emmons Hamlin and Henry Mason, one a mechanic by trade, and the other a pianist.  Together they combined their expertise in both areas to create a superb instrument using the highest quality materials in the construction of high caliber pianos that earned the highest regard among musicians of that time.  In 1996, Gary and Kirk Burgett acquired Mason & Hamlin Piano Co. to continue the legacy began over a century and a half ago; creating a superb piano that produces brilliant, clear tonal quality and incorporating the latest advancement of the modern century.
 This Mason and Hamlin piano is what is known as a “Screw Stringer” piano.  Patented in July, 1883 by Mason & Hamlin, the “Screw Stringer” style 4 mechanism allowed Mason & Hamlin pianos to stay in tune longer than pianos without this mechanism.  This Mason & Hamlin innovation enhanced the tuning stability over more conventionally built pianos, thus needed to be tuned less frequently. The “Screw Stringer” was discontinued in 1900 due to the lack of enthusiasm shown by piano tuners for this superior design.

This gorgeous piano showcases the beautiful artwork and detailing that epitomized the upright piano style of that era.  We can restore this wonderful piano to it’s former glory so that it will be able to sing for generations to come!  Please inquire about the restoration process to find out all that we can do to resurrect this classic instrument.


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