Ronisch Upright in Burled Walnut


H: 52 1/4″, W: 59″, D: 25″


Ronisch Upright in Burled Walnut

This Ronisch upright piano showcases the beautiful artwork and detailing that epitomized the upright piano style of the late 19th and early 20th century.  It features beautiful artistic detailing in a incredible walnut burled case that is not seen in the newer uprights produced today.  This is a remarkable well built piano with a cabinet of beauty, durability and strength and a luscious resonant tone and timbre.  There is no comparison between the industrially made pianos of today and the handcrafted pianos of yesteryear!

The Ronisch piano company was established 1n 1845 by Carl Ronisch in Dresden , Germany.  Known as one of the first makers to to utilize a full cast-iron plate to support a high tension scale, Ronisch was one of the pioneering manufacturers doing so which began what lead to other manufacturers adopting the use of the full cast-iron plate.  With the opening of a new factory St. Petersburg in 1874, European production increased to meet demands for the high quality sturdily constructed Ronisch pianos.  With the passing of Carl Ronisch in 1893,  sons Albert Ronisch and Hermann Ronisch lead the firm well into the 20th Century.  Today, Ronisch is still building expertly crafted and built pianos in Leipzig, Germany.

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