Shoninger Upright (Restored) ( SOLD)


Built circa 1890’s


Width – 62” Height – 59 ” Depth – 28”


Shoninger  Upright (Restored) SOLD


This piano has been rebuilt! Please enjoy browsing through the pictures of this exquisitely built piano. We were all very excited to rebuild this beauty and it did not let us down. Truly an amazing piano. Gorgeous and rich.

Bernard Shoninger immigrated to Conneticut from Germany in 1847 where he established his first factory in Woodbridge, CT in 1850. During the early 20th century Shoninger piano company grew to be a highly respected and valued company.   Bernard Shoninger died in 1910 and was succeeded by his son, Simon B. Shoninger.    B. Shoninger & Co. produced several impressive lives of upright pianos, player pianos and grand pianos. The pianos that were produced under the Shoninger name were built of the highest quality material and workmanship.  In addition to the Shoninger brand, the firm built pianos under the names of “Vossler”, “Mallory”, and “Phelps”.   This piano is an example of the gorgeous expertly built pianos of that era.

We’ve since restored this amazing instrument; new strings, pins, Renner hammers, etc.,. simply put are a marvel. And to top all of that it still has its Original Ivory keys!!!  Besides the gorgeous cabinet, this piano has its own unique style style of action(inner working parts) and construction. Ivory keytops, structurally excellent condition, top quality, old growth woods, etc., this piano had all the right factors for rebuilding. The carved cabinet with its intricate detailing is a beautiful sight to behold. It not only plays beautifully, but serves as an elegant piece of furniture.  It is ready to be enjoyed for another 100 years to come!



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