Steinway A2 Art Case Grand in Satin Ebony



Built in 1900

Length – 6’2″


Steinway A Art Case Grand in Satin Ebony

A Steinway Model A built in Steinway & Sons’ true golden years of manufacturing.  It has been simply a pleasure to play, listen too, and examine. Immaculate ivory key tops and original ebony wood sharps just make the value and investment in this piano sky rocket year to year. This beautifully embellished and crafted piano with its ornate detailing has a warm, rich Steinway tone that makes you feel good inside. This is that perfect performer/home grand piano that you’ve been looking for! And remember, with this piano there is no maintenance needed for decades to come, …. other than tuning! At a small fraction, literally, of the cost of a new Steinway Model A, and with better woods, tone, and a history this piano will more than make your dreams come true!


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