Steinway Model “K” Upright



Built in 1982

Height – 52″ Width – 62″ Depth – 26 1/2″


Steinway Model “K” Upright

The Steinway K model has a resonant voice that rivals most smaller grands as a result of its larger soundboard. It is perfect for professional players and families looking for a high quality instrument to perform or practice. This Steinway K is a beautiful upright that would fit into any home or music studio.

Steinway has a history that is most unique to the piano industry – so much so that many books have been written on the company and its history. Steinway pianos have become as much of a status symbol as they are a wonderful musical instrument. For those who are concerned with musical value over status symbols, most would argue that there are several brands much better than Steinway. In fact, in the widely-accepted piano ratings found in The Piano Book, Steinway is ranked 9th. But for over 150 years, Steinway has been the best that America has to offer, so their popularity in America is fueled by a rich history, placements in concert halls across America, Steinway’s Concert Artist endorsement program and a savvy marketing department. The superior-rated European brands tend to market less in the U.S. and they build far fewer pianos (100-1000 annual production) than Steinway (5000 annual production), so their notoriety among non-musicians in America is scarce.



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