Steinway Model M Grand Piano in Satin Ebony



Built in 1921

Length – 5’ 7” Width – 57 3/4”


Steinway  Model M Grand Piano in Satin Ebony

This Steinway M is in fantastic shape and resonates with that sound that made Steinway pianos famous. This piano came to us in great condition with new action, new legs, and original ivory keys.  It’s been cared for lovingly by its former family and serviced on a regular basis.   If you are looking for an immaculate condition Steinway, the perfect home grand piano that you’ve always wanted, then look no further. Come in our shop to take a look at it close up and play it and you’ll fine this piano will more than make your dream for a perfect piano come true.  This beautiful piano is available at a small fraction, literally, of the cost of a new Steinway Model M.

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