Steinway Model O 5′ 10 3/4″ Grand Piano in Walnut



Built in 1921

Length: 5’10 3/4″

In stock



Steinway Model O in Walnut

A Steinway Model O built in Steinway & Sons’ true golden years of manufacturing. This particular piano’s action has been rebuilt while the strings and cabinet are original.  The cabinet could be refinished to a beautiful walnut sheen for an additional fee.

The piano is simply a pleasure to play, listen to, and examine. original keys, original ebony wood sharps, and rebuilt action just make the value and investment in this piano sky rocket year to year. It has a warm, rich Steinway tone that makes you feel good inside. This is that perfect performer/home grand piano that you’ve been looking for! At a small fraction, literally, of the cost of a new Steinway Model O, and with better woods, tone, and a history this piano will more than make your dreams come true!

A Little History on the Model O
Steinway & Sons stopped producing the Model O in 1924, and replaced it with the Model L which was ¼” shorter in length, and ¼” wider. Henry Ziegler (1857 – 1930) designed the Model O, the Model M, and the Model L. The Model O was the first Steinway grand to display the squared-bottom legs that are now a standard feature of all Steinway grand pianos. Although the Model O remained out of production for more than 80 years, it came back into production officially replacing the Model L grand in 2006.


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