Ludwig Upright *Awaiting Restoration*


Ludwig & Co. Piano History

Ludwig & Co, established in 1888 was known as one of the premier piano manufacturing firms in New York.  The company was known for their elaborate case designs and superior quality of materials and workmanship.  From the early to mid 20th Century, Ludwig Piano Company established themselves as a maker of well built, high quality pianos that catered to the more well to do New Yorkers of that time.   They also offered more affordable brands such as the “Perry” and “Nevin” line.   The firm was sold to Ricca & Sons Piano Company in 1933, and continued to build under the Ludwig name until the mid 1950’s when Atlas Piano company in Chicago took control of the company.

This beautiful piano is a prime specimen of the elaborately embellished case design and quality materials that the Ludwig company was known. In the present day you will find many Ludwig pianos in homes across the U.S  that continue to provide much musical enjoyment to families.





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