Yamaha C5 Conservatory Grand



Built in 1980

Length 6’7″

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In 1902, Torakusu Yamaha, founder of the Yamaha Corporation, built the first Yamaha grand piano. Two years later, the Yamaha grand piano won the Honorary Grand Prize at the St. Louis World’s Fair. Today, the Yamaha C series grand piano is easily the most recorded and recognizable piano in the world.

The Yamaha C5 is one of the most popular grand pianos placed on main stages of conservatories and other music schools.

This collection (the C series) is specially produced for music schools and conservatories. Music schools choose these because they need affordable pianos that will sound beautiful, have a professional responsive touch and be strong enough to bear long hours of playing and practicing every day.

Yamaha grand pianos are extraordinarily reliable and durable. The C series is known for its improvements in both resonance and expressive control.


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