Yamaha Console M1B in High Polished Ebony #4491476


Height – 42  Width – 58 1/4″ Depth – 21″


Built in 1987


Yamaha M1B in High Polished Ebony #4491476

A great instrument at a cheap price. A relatively rare instrument to find because the majority of Yamaha’s and Kawai’s are much bigger. This a true Pro instrument in a compact size, which is great for all the compact homes around our immediate area. It’s sleek continental style will seamlessly fit into any room. Comes fully serviced, cleaned and tuned. And it includes its matching bench.

This piano puts out a tone that would trick even top musicians into thinking that it was a much bigger instrument. With pianos taller usually equals better. As in the taller the piano, the longer the string length, which means the better the tone. Full size uprights usually range from 48″-on up. In shorter pianos like 42″-45″ consoles and studios, the really well made instruments definitely stand out in sound quality from the rest. Yamaha piano’s in the 1960’s till about the early 1980’s really sound and play superbly. One common speculation for this was that they made their pianos with a higher quality of woods in those years. This studio is an excellent example of one of their well made, rare wood grain finished instruments.


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