Yamaha M450 in Cherry finish #T302793


# T302793

Built in 2004

Width = 58 1/2″ Height = 45″ Depth = 22 3/4″

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Yamaha M450 in Cherry Finish # T302793

Ah yes a Yamaha M450 console piano. This is a relatively rare piano to find.  They are around, but not as many as the high polished ebony U series pianos.  We do like that type of finish for its sleek looks and durability, but the wood grain finishes really just can’t be beat. This model M450 boasts a beautiful wood grain Cherry finish that would look great in any home. This is a great 45″ high Yamaha console. Made in just the year 2004 in Yamaha’s Thomaston Georgia factory, this piano is still just a baby. This piano puts out a tone that would trick even top musicians into thinking that it was a much bigger instrument. With pianos taller usually equals better. As in the taller the piano, the longer the string length, which means the better the tone. Full size uprights usually range from 48″-on up. In shorter pianos like 42″-45″ consoles, the really well made instruments definitely stand out in sound quality from the rest.



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