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I’m a multi-instrumentalist, piano teacher, and ballet accompanist based in Oakland. As a piano teacher, I draw on my earliest experiences with the Suzuki Method. This is a pedagogic philosophy that emphasizes ear-training prior to note-reading; it aims to teach music in the same way that one learns their first language. This is the approach that I take with younger students, or those who are just starting their musical journey. For older students, or those who have some prior familiarity with playing an instrument, lessons are personalized to the students’ experiences, interests, and goals. Ultimately, my approach is collaborative; my goal is to help you become the musician you want to be.

“My daughter has taken lessons from Brandon for almost a year, and I have been amazed by his patience and skill with teaching young children. I like how his focus is getting even the simplest pieces to sound good by using the correct technique, and even throwing in some basic music theory to explain why some notes sound good together, or scary, etc. He has really worked hard to help her past challenges and keep her interested in learning.” —Anon. parent

“Brandon strikes a nice balance between letting me guide our lessons based on my interests and suggesting exercises that’ll develop my technique. Over the last 6 months, I’ve learned to elicit more beautiful tones from the piano, and I’ve become much more confident when reading new music.” —Jordan, age 32

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