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“Our new Grand Piano showroom includes a premium selection of both new and restored models—all ready for immediate delivery.”

Looking for a shiny new Grand Piano, or a classic model that has been restored to its former glory? Come to our showroom and try them out directly.

We’ve been busy converting the back of our Berkeley store to a dedicated Grand Piano showroom. Inside you will find a wide range of models, old and new. We always have a selection of Steinways and KAWAIs on hand, as well as unique vintage pieces.

  • Bluthner 5’1″ Grand in Satin Ebony

  • Steinway Model “L” Grand Piano in Satin Ebony

  • Baldwin Model L in Satin Ebony

  • Kawai KG-1C Grand Piano in Satin Ebony

  • Kawai GE-l Grand in Polished Ebony

  • Atlas Grand in Satin Ebony

  • Yamaha G3 6’1″ Grand Piano in High Polished Ebony #1853949

  • Kohl Grand in Satin Ebony

  • Kawai No. 500 Grand in Satin Ebony

  • Kawai KG-2C in High Polished Ebony

  • Steinway “S” Grand in Satin Walnut

  • Steinway Model M in Satin Walnut


Looking for a specific grand piano? Feel free to contact us: