Steinway Model “O” 5′ 10 3/4″ Grand Piano



Built in 1910

5’10 3/4″

In stock



Steinway Model “O” Grand Piano

A Steinway Model O built in Steinway & Sons’ true golden years of manufacturing.  This piano has been well maintained and has been refinished and restrung at a certain point. This Steinway grand is simply a pleasure to play, listen to, and examine.  It has a warm, rich Steinway tone that sounds incredible! This is that perfect performer/home grand piano that you’ve been looking for! At a small fraction, literally, of the cost of a new Steinway Model O, and with better woods, tone, and a history this piano will more than make your dreams come true!

A Little History on the Model O
Steinway & Sons stopped producing the Model O in 1924, and replaced it with the Model L which was ¼” shorter in length, and ¼” wider. Henry Ziegler (1857 – 1930) designed the Model O, the Model M, and the Model L. The Model O was the first Steinway grand to display the squared-bottom legs that are now a standard feature of all Steinway grand pianos. Although the Model O remained out of production for more than 80 years, it came back into production officially replacing the Model L grand in 2006.

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