Steinway Model B Grand Piano in Satin Ebony #236077



Built in 1925

Length: 6’10 1/2″

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Steinway Model B Grand Piano in Satin Ebony #236077

The Steinway Model B is the ideal piano for home, small venue site, or recording studio.  It features a richness in tone that surpasses most other Grands of that size.  The perfect size for both a home or a studio, not too large or small, yet boasts a large powerful sound that will impress all who play or listen to it.   Constructed of solid hardwood maple which contributes to the resonance and clarity, this model has proven to be one of the most popular Steinway models used in small concert spaces, teaching studios and homes.  We are thrilled to offer this beautiful satin ebony piano for sale with it’s luxurious sound, rich bass, and it’s lineage of Steinway quality and workmanship. This piano is in very good condition and is a dream to play and listen to.  Purchased new, the price would be over $120,000!   Take home a world class instrument at a fraction of a cost for a new one!

Additional information

Weight 800 lbs
Dimensions 70.5 × 60 × 44 in

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