Steinway Model “L” Grand Piano in Satin Ebony



Built in 1971

Length – 5’10 1/2″


Steinway Model L 5’10 1/2″ Grand Piano in Satin Ebony

The Steinway Model L Grand Piano has a powerful yet warm sound, which is the result of a remarkable scale design that allows the solid spruce soundboard to freely and efficiently vibrate.  The size of this piano is large enough to satisfy those who demand a full, rich bass—yet small enough to beautifully fit into almost any home.  This piano’s value will increase greatly with each passing year. If you are looking for that perfect home grand piano, then look no further. At literally a small fraction of the cost of a new Steinway Model L, but with better woods, tone, and history, this piano will more than make your dreams come true!

This Beautiful Steinway Model L is ready to add years of musical enjoyment to a home!  With its original Soundboard and Bridges still in immaculate condition, we’ve newly installed the finest strings available and have refinished it to a luxurious Satin Ebony.  Not only does this piano look wonderful , it also plays like a dream!  This piano sings!!! Stop by anytime to see why this piano stands out among its peers.

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