Schimmel Grand Model GP169 in Satin Ebony



Built in 2001


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Schimmel Grand Model GP169 in Satin Ebony

The first Schimmel piano was manufactured in Germany in 1885 and became one of the most popular selling pianos in Germany throughout the mid 20th Century.  All Schimmel pianos were crafted and manufactured employing the highest quality workmanship and material.  Expert piano makers utilizing their vast knowledge of the building of fine pianos skillfully produced one of the finest German pianos  known to the world.

We were extremely excited to find this Schimmel 5’7″ Grand that had been so well taken care of. Structurally it is in great shape and has been kept up wonderfully.  This extraordinary Schimmel GP169 Baby Grand Piano, crafted by the renowned German manufacturer, is a unique and cherished instrument under the ownership of a single individual. Meticulously maintained and regularly serviced, it boasts a stunning satin ebony finish.  Featuring the sought-after Renner German action, this piano provides the player with complete touch control and an impressive dynamic range. Its exceptional tone clarity encompasses deep bass and crisp treble notes. It would add both beautiful music and a lovely presence to a music loving home.

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