Antisell Upright – *Awaiting Restoration*


This beautiful piano was built at the peak of the Thomas M. Antisell manufacturing firm in the late 1800’s. The Antisell piano company was first established in San Francisco during the 1800’s.  Subsequent years saw the expansion of the company into New York and Philadelphia.  Although the firm didn’t survive into the 20th century, the instruments built by the Antisell Company were known to be beautifully ornate and exceptionally well crafted.  It is a real pleasure to have this rare piano in our shop.  It’s resonance is amazing. Even though many of the strings are dead, one can still hear its enormous resonance. We are truly excited to get to work on it. The true attention to detail and the gorgeous wood grain will make a refinish well worth it. And not just on the outer cabinet will it turn out amazing once again, but the insides as well. This piano is a rare piece of fine art. And when the action is “modernized” to play up to current standards it will be unsurpassed by any modern piano.

Full restoration usually takes 4 – 6 months and we require at least a 1/3 of the balance as a non refundable, but transferable deposit. If for any means you are not completely satisfied with this piano during or after the restoration process, you can transfer your deposit to any other piano of similar cost.


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