Baldwin Model L in Satin Ebony



Built in 1969

Length:  6’3″



Baldwin Model L in Satin Ebony

The Baldwin Piano & Organ Co. established in 1862 is one of Americas most famous piano manufacturers. Known for their top quality instruments, the company was already world famous by the turn of the 20th century. This particular instrument built in the U.S. was approaching one of the last of the Baldwin grands made here. We often like to compare Baldwin pianos to American muscle cars. Booming bass and rich, full treble are common characteristics of this piano. While elegance is not one of its virtues, a full body of sound, while maintaining clarity and precision of tone is. This piano is right up there in comparison to any Steinway & Sons grand piano of similar year. This piano is a extraordinary instrument. Stop by to give this “Muscle Car” piano a test drive anytime!

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