Bush & Gerts Upright *Awaiting Restoration*


Built in 1892

Height – 57 1/2″ Depth – 27″ Width – 66″


This 1892 Bush & Gerts upright was built just a few after the company’s establishment in Chicago in 1884.   Although, the Bush & Gerts company ceased production during World War II, the pianos they produced prior are still seen and played to this day.  Due in part to the excellent material and workmanship involved in the production of these pianos,  they are know to withstand the elements of time.  The earlier models of Bush & Gerts pianos featured elaborate and beautiful detailing, and this 1892 piano is a good example.  With the restoration services we offer,  this piano could be brought back to life with full refinishing and restoration.  Imagine this historical piano in it’s former glory, looking, playing, and sounding like a dream! Please contact us for details.

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